Behind-The-Scenes Facts From Movies & Shows

Take these, awkward silence!
Behind-The-Scenes Facts From Movies & Shows

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The holidays are here, and that means you're going to find yourself at some work or family social function and racking your brain for things to talk about. We're here to bump up your smalltalk game with a tall stack of interesting facts from behind the scenes of movies and shows.

And if you do get into a fight over these, at least it won't be political.

Snoke's look from The Last Jedi was based on Hugh Hefner. The decision to dress a space dictator as a playboy came from Andy Serkis and Rian Johnson,
Peter O'Toole and Omar Sharif were drunk during a big action scene in Lawrence of Arabia. The two actors were neryous about filming the Battle of Agab
The Fourth Doctor's huge scarf was the result of a misunder- standing. Doctor Who head costume designer Jim Acheson wanted the Fourth Doctor to have a
Groucho Marx's famous painted mustache came about because he couldn't be bothered gluing on a fake mustache prior to a performance. GRAGKEDOOS
The Scream mask was a random find in an old lady's house. The Scream designers' initial ideas for the killer's mask looked like something that belonge
The screenplay for American Beauty is loosely based on the Amy Fisher/ Joey Buttafuoco story. Alan Ball got the idea for the movie after he saw a comi
GRAGKEDCOT Saw II from was adapted a completely different movie's screenplay that had been widely rejected. SAWJ With no time to write screenplay, a t
Wolf of Wall Street, Dumb and Dumber To, and Daddy's Home are products of a huge Malaysian money laundering scheme. They were financed by the money si
Ransom Riggs was going to use his collection of creepy old photos to make a picture book. His publisher said he'd be better off using it as the basis
CRACKED COM Apocalr Now In an early scene, actor Martin Sheen is alone in a hotel room. Sheen, an alcoholic, had been drinking heavily that day prior
Jason Voorhees got his look thanks to a film crew member's fandom. While filming Friday the 13th Part lll, the crew needed to do a lighting test, whic
CRACKED CO COM Producer Jon Peters' rejected idea for a giant spider in a Superman movie was later used in Wild Wild West. Peters originally made Kevi
CRAor Barry Sonnenfeld misled Chris O'Donnell to get Will Smith cast in Men in Black. The producers wanted O'Donnell to play Agent j, and asked Sonnen
Behind-The-Scenes Facts From Movies & Shows
The Graduate ended the way it did because the editor slipped up. The day the final scene was being shot, the movie's editor was standing in for the di
Troubleshooter, the first script for Die Hard 3, involved terrorists on a Caribbean cruise ship. Bruce Willis didn'te wantito do something similar to
Sony really didn't like the idea of actors playing themselves in THIS IS THE END. So Seth Rogen lied and assured Sony they would shoot the movie in a
IT'S LIFE WONDERFUL The scene where the drunk pharmacist Mr. Grower (H.B. Warner) slaps a young George Bailey (Bob Anderson) involved Warner being ver
CRACKED.COM Laurence Fishburne lied about his age to secure his casting in this epic film. He said he was 16 to get the part of a 17 year old. Arcalie
Back To The Future 2 used a mold of Crispin Glover's face and clips from the original to make it seem as though he appeared in the sequel. Glover sued
If Tyler Perry had known Gone Girl was based on a book, with fans who wanted it adapted their way, he'd have turned it down. His agent, who knew about
In order to avoid price-gouging, fans, and journalists, Lucasfilm convinced everybody they were shootinga a CRAU horror film called Blue Harvest... BL
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre may have been financed by the Mob. The porno Deep Throat was funded by a family with alleged Mob ties who strongarmed thea
THE SHAPE OF WATER The scene where Eliza floods her bathroom was something that the director, Guillermo del Toro, actually did once as a child. Althou
Jaws? most famous line is an in-joke from the movie set. The boat towing the crew's barge (with equipment for filming at sea) was ridiculously small,
The original opening sequence of THE SIMPSONS - which didn't appear in the series pilot -- was made unusually long to cut the amount of animation work


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