13 Movies And Shows' Special Sauce (That Makes Them Great)

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We've all got movies and shows we're huge fans of. The thing is, there's all kinds of subtle artistry behind the scenes that are the exact reason the thing is great. They just work on your brain without you realizing it. And that's weird, right?

So we asked our plasticians to find out what's going on behind the scenes of their favorite movies and shows (or the artists behind them) that makes them objectively good.

Entry by Scott Laffey

13 Movies And Shows' Special Sauce (That Makes Them Great)

Entry by PookieJones

Guy Ritchie engages the audience by making them play catch By showing the resolution first, then rewinding to explain how the story got there, he lull

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Quentin Tarantino What's sO great about his fillms? It's mostly his pointless dialogue. By letting his characters talk about things unrelated to the

There's a reason Coen Brothers movies are So engaging. They're incredibly skilled at placing the camera in a way that makes you feel like a part of th


THE X FILES FILES stands out because it featured both fantastically out-of-this-world stories that audiences could lose themselves in and more grounde

Entry by Andrea Meno

Game of Thrones is sO successful even among non-fantasy fans because it puts characters first. Devoting so much time to exploring characters' motivati

Entry by Maclise

Stanley Kubrick drew on his passion for photography to compose his shots. One of his signature compositions is the ne-point perspective, where the vie

Entry by Maclise

Martin Scorsese is a visual master, CRACKEDC but it's his use of music that sets him apart. His choice of music reflects his characters and settings.

Entry by Andrea Meno

A big reason the Wachowskis' movie action is SO great? Slow motion. Action scenes are pretty chaotic and busy, and slowing them down lets you take in

Entry by Andrea Meno

David Fincher's camera always moves smoothly and with clinical precision. He avoids any signs Clike camera shake) that a human being is operating the

Entry by Maclise

Ridley Scott's eye for set design elevates his movies. Whether it's the lived-in interiors of the Nostromo, or a crowded ancient Roman arena, the deta

Entry by Scott Laffey

Steven Spielberg is a master at getting the audience to feel the GRAI emotions of his OF characters. He achieves this through close-ups of the perform

Entry by Maclise

One of Hayao Miyazaki's most important techniques is the concept of ma. Ma is a Japanese word, meaning emptiness- the space between claps. Between cli