12 Movies & Shows That Didn't Go As We Expected

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Movies and shows are predictable, right? As it turns out, not so much -- at least until you've seen them. Sometimes there's a complete disconnect between what you think you're about to watch and what you wind up seeing. The trailer seems to be selling a completely different movie. A superhero show bears no resemblance to the comic books. Nothing the creators promised winds up in the final show.

Sometimes it's disappointing, but sometimes it's a pleasant surprise. For example ...

Entry by CornishPlasty

CRACKED COM What we wanted: Lots of mummy S 3 THE M U M MY What we got: Lots of Tom Cruise

WHAT wWe EXPEGTED The trailers made it look like another Iron Man movie. SPIDER RMAN HomecominG WHAT we GOT A surprisingly good Spider-Man movie.

Entry by scandata

CRACKEDOON EXORCISM THE OFEMILY ROSE WHAT WE WERE PROMISED: A chilling horror movie about demonic possession WHAT WE GOT INSTEAD: A courtroom d rama a


CRACKED.COM CHILD'S PLAY. (2019) WHAT WE EXPECTED: Another remake that has nothing to say and adds absolutely nothing to the franchise. WHAT WE GOT: T


CRACKED.GOM HUGO What I expected: A boy going on fun adventures with his robot. What we got: A boy moping around for two hours, mostly robotless.


CRACKED COM SHALAM! WHAT WE EXPECTED: Another downbeat, .desaturated, depressingly boring wad of nonsense from the DCEU. WHAT WEGOTB The frst DE movie


Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos What I expected: Another cute anime movie. What I got: A remarkably deep fantasy metaphor for the Israel

Entry by Kristina Yong

ISSION:IMPOSSIBLE GHOST PROTOCOL WHAT WE EXPECTED: A risky and expensive but futile attempt to keep the franchise going and make some more money. WHAT

Entry by Kevin King

HEREDITARY WHAT WE EXPECTED: A mother has to deal with her scary, possibly possessed child. EXORCIST THE SAVAGELY GENERATION'S MORE THIS SPIN WILL Y

Entry by TedStixon

The trailers made us expect VENOM to be a dark, brooding film with a touch of humor. VENOM Instead, we got an over-the-top campy comedy with only a to

Entry by Kristina Yong

21 JUMP STREET WHAT WE EXPECTED: A movie as lame as the '80s TV show it originated from. SENIOR PROM WHAT WE GOT: An extremely funny, witty movie that

Entry by Hildifons

I expected a movie CRACKED COM that followed Bilbo's adventures, from his own point of view, true to the book's spirit. HOBBIT THE I got an overlong C