15 Movie Character Traits That Make Zero Sense

Movies require use to suspend a lot of natural disbelief about what we're watching. But some things we just have to question.
15 Movie Character Traits That Make Zero Sense

Movies require use to suspend a lot of natural disbelief about what we're watching. But that's mainly when we see stuff like laser swords, or hear sound in space, or everything about Pretty Woman. But some things we just have to call out because they make no goddamn sense.

We asked you to bring us the worst offenders from our favorite movies. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

In 1980's Superman Il, The Last Son Of Krypton inanely unleashes some of his lesser-known super abilities: REPLICATION! Saran Wrap S-Shield! Amnesia T
In Spider-Man 2, Dr. Octopus is a normal human with mechanical arms. Nothing about his enhancements is said tO give him extra strength or resilience.
CRACKED.COM INDAN JONes and the LAST CRUSADE This French knight has been guarding the Holy Grail for 700 years. The power of the Grail has kept him al
In Iron Man 2 indie Russian physicist Ivan Vanko Vows to get revenge on Tony Stark for using the arc reactor design he claims was stolen from his fath
Hi! I'm Edward, and I sparkle in th sun! cxecpt in last my movic, whcre suddenly don't! I
Do you remember your mother? Just a little bit. Your real mother? She died when I was very young. Very, VERY young.
Fellpese These kids grew up in a town that banned dancing yet the second they're allowed to break loose they already know how to dance like they're th
Pixar's UP follows the life of Carl Fredricksen from childhood through adulthood and deep into his old age where he finds his greatest adventure. He g
How in the hell does Mouth speak Spanish fluently and casually; not to mention do a fair job reading 17th century Castilian script? At most he has o
GODZILLA VS MECHAGODZILLA In 1974's After 13 previous appearances that never hinted at any such ability... The mighty daikaiju conveniently reveals wh
One of the most infamous scenes in sitcom bistory, people have cridiculed the premise. the storyline the editing, the contradiction of previous lesson
Convenient, Inexplicable House-S Hedges
In Hellraiser, Frank Cotton kills his brother, Larry, and puts on his skin to avoid the Cenobites. As soon as he does this his voice exactly matches h
Where did this come from? Who is he pretending to be? In the world of Man of Steel, Superman is a big deal because superheroes aren't a thing yet. So,

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