15 Facts That Changed The Way We See The World

We all just agreed it’s the current year, but what if it isn’t?
15 Facts That Changed The Way We See The World

I am the son of a lowly fisherman in an unknown town on an unknown planet. It was there that my father met my mother and married her, so that I would have two loving parents to care for me as I grew into adulthood. He had little wealth or influence, but his heart was strong, and he always tried to give me what he could to help me grow up well-rounded. But the world we live in is harsh, and not every child grows up happily with both loving parents watching over them.

My father was taken away by men who had dark intentions before my fourth birthday. My mother cried and cried as she told me he'd gone on a long trip to work abroad to earn money for us. That night, the men came to our house in force and took everything they could. But, the next morning, I sighed with relief as I saw that, at least, they left one thing of value in our house behind.

It was this list of fifteen facts:

If you want your marriage to last, spend less.

The more expensive your wedding, the more likely you are to get divorced. CRACKED.COM In a 2014 study of 3,000 married couples, Emory University discovered that couples who spent more than $20,000 on their wedding are roughly 46% more likely to get divorced than couples who spent $5,000-10,000.

The Atlantic

Whiptails are strong, independent lizards that don’t need no males.

There is a species of all female lesbian lizards. GRACKED.COM New Mexico whiptails are 100% female. They are nicknamed as the Lesbian Lizards, they still participate in mating rituals in which they mount each other. This stimulates egg production without any gene transfer.


There is a band that plays music on veggies.

An Austrian group plays music on instruments made from vegetables, and turns them into soup after the show. CRACKED.COM A pumpkin works very well on its own as a bass drum, and you can make all sorts of instruments-like flutes, recorders and xylophones-from carrots, says Jörg* Piringer, a musician in Austria's Vegetable Orchestra.


You could use your 3DS to get beer delivered to your seat at a baseball game.

There was a Nintendo 3DS app that allowed you to order food while at a Seattle Mariners game. 3D OFF VIEW 0 . GRACKED.COM Because Nintendo owns the Seattle Mariners, the 3DS app called Nintendo Fan Network allowed you to order food directly to your seat.

NBC News

Philly Cream Cheese is a New York creation.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese was invented in New York. DATE PHILADELPHIA 300g CRACKED.COM The cream cheese has never been produced in Philadelphia. Its name was an 1880s marketing strategy because, at the time, Philadelphia was known for its high-quality dairy.


Just a spoonful of neutron star material weighs as much as 82 moons.

One teaspoon of neutron star material weighs six billion tons. GRAGKED.COM Neutron stars contain the densest matter that is directly observable. The pressure in the star's core is so high that most of the charged particles merge, resulting in a star composed mostly of uncharged particles called neutrons.


Twinkies do not last forever.

Despite the Urban Legend, Twinkies only have a shelf life of 45 days. CRACKED.COM Although this is twice as long as Twinkies lasted before their big relaunch in 2013, it still does not approach the wild claim that they never go bad.


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