15 Intriguing Facts We Are Sure Will Be Useful One Day

The evil monster from “Leprechaun” is closer to the original folklore than the whitewashed cereal mascot.
15 Intriguing Facts We Are Sure Will Be Useful One Day

The first part of the short story "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" was adapted into The Telltale Mummy in 1931 and starred Bela Lugosi as Dr. Edgar Blackford and Boris Karloff as Dr. Samuel M'Cready, the characters created by writer Edgar Allan Poe. It later spawned the 1942 film The Un-Dead and the 1979 film Return of the Living Dead (in which Blackford was resurrected from death by a group of zombies.) A comic book series followed shortly afterwards and there have also been several radio plays. In addition to its popularity on TV and in film, it's one of Poe's most read and referenced works of fiction and is known for inspiring several notable artists such as Norman Rockwell, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, and Paul Gauguin (to name just a few) who all drew inspiration from his work.

All that may or may not be true, but more importantly, nearly no-one knows about the strange bit of the story that Poe was forced to remove. It was a strange collection of facts that talked about stuff nobody had ever heard of. It was this list:

Pandas are all owned, and loaned out, by China.

The Chinese government owns every panda, and will rent them out. CRACKED.COM The Chinese government owns nearly every panda that is alive on Earth, and they rent them out to various places around the world, oftentimes making upwards of $1 million dollars a year off of each panda.


If you believe you’re the star of your own secret reality show, just try to fly to Fiji.

There is a delusion named after The Truman Show. CRACKED.COM The Truman Show Delusion is a belief that a person is living inside of a reality TV show where they are the star and everyone around them are backup actors. Another name for them could be influencer.

Psychology Today 

The cat in the beginning of “The Godfather” just showed up to set one day.

The cat Marlon Brando held in The Godfather was a stray found while filming. CRACKED.COM The cat was actually not called for in the original script and was only added at the last second. Francis Ford Coppola found the stray cat walking around the film lot and thought it would add to the scene.

Far Out Magazine 

3% of the U.S. still uses dial-up internet.

Dial-up internet is still being used by millions of Americans. FAX MODEM MR HS CD он SD RD TR AA PWR v1433VQE GRAGKED.COM A total of 9.6 million Americans connect to the internet through the old, painfully slow dial-up method. Dial-up internet tops out at around 56 kilobytes per second.


Coca Cola is known by the vast majority of the Earth’s population.

The Coke logo is recognized by 94% of the world's population. CLASSIC Coca-Cola CRACKED.COM Almost everyone on Earth recognizes the red and white, scrawling script logo of Coke, with 94% of people polled from across the world correctly identifying the company.

Business Insider 

The tongue packs in a lot of buds to taste with.

There are almost 10,000 taste buds on your tongue. GRAGKED.COM Each taste bud has roughly 20-50 receptor cells forming the bud as a whole. Taste buds are split into five different categories: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami, which is the general taste of meat.


Those little jean pockets have a use, but are still probably not very helpful for most people.

The tiny, extra pocket on jeans was originally for pocket watches. GRACKED COM The original jeans only had four pockets - two in the front, one in the back, and the small one. Although pocket watches have since disappeared, the tiny jeans pocket remains.


“Beauty and the Beast” was the first animated feature to get an Oscar nod.

The first animated film to be nominated for an Oscar was Beauty and the Beast. GRAGKED.COM The Disney film was all over the nominations in 1992-It was up for Best Picture, Sound, Original Score (which it won), and THREE for Original Song (the title track took the award).


There are no snakes in the vast wilderness of Alaska.

The only U.S. states without snakes are Alaska and Hawaii. CRACKED COM The closer you get to Earth's poles, the less likely you'll find one of these legless friends. Islands like Hawaii are also relatively snake-free due to their geographic isolation.

Popular Science 

Brainless starfish think with their mouth-holes.

Starfish have a ring of nerves around their mouths instead of a brain. GRACKED.COM The very simple nervous system of the starfish is characterized by a nerve ring that surrounds the mouth. A radial nerve branches off of the nerve ring and extends to each arm.

Shape Of Life

The evil monster from “Leprechaun” is closer to the original folklore than the whitewashed cereal mascot.

Leprechauns are traditionally nasty little guys. CRACKED.COM Said to be of horrific parentage, with an evil spirit for a father and a degenerate fairy for a mother, the repugnant little elves are considered malicious tricksters that like to drink and cast curses out of spite.


Dragonflies only use their legs for landing.

Despite having six legs, dragonflies cannot walk. CRACKED.COM Dragonflies are not physically able to walk, instead they primarily use flight to zip around looking for smaller insects to eat. Like tiny helicopters, dragonflies use their legs for landing and taking off.


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