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5 Hilariously Insane Works of Art Made by Celebrities

It is damn near impossible to make any questionable comments about a work of art's inherent quality -- unless, of course, that artwork was made by radically out-of-touch celebrities.


4 Insane Celebrity Conspiracy Theories We Wish Were True

Despite the fact that these things are almost always complete B.S., sometimes -- just sometimes -- a celebrity conspiracy theory emerges that is so good, we kind of wish it was true.


23 Tell-All Books That Would Change the World

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The countless awards and honors that people spend their entire professional lives working toward are ultimately meaningless.


5 Celebrities Who Get More Hate Than They Deserve (Part 4)

At least half of my job responsibilities at Cracked involve needlessly hating things. But sometimes me writing a joke about an athlete or entertainer doesn't necessarily mean I agree with the prevailing public opinion about the subject of that joke.


Eulogy for the Genius of Adam Sandler

The obituary for the former funnyman from 20 years in the future.


23 School Dropouts Who Went On to Do Amazing Things

Now, we aren't saying that education isn't important ... but these people DID do a bunch of cool stuff without all that institutionalized B.S.


39 Surprisingly Profound Quotes from Unexpected Sources

Buddha, Lincoln, Homer Simpson -- these are men we often look to when we need words of wisdom to push us through life. Often times, though, those words come from completely ridiculous sources.


5 Famous People Whose Best Work Was Motivated By Revenge

Check out the petty-as-hell reasons for some great pop culture milestones you probably enjoy (or, like, are aware of large amounts of people enjoying.)


5 Ridiculous Myths You Probably Believe About the Midwest

The Midwest isn't nearly as idyllic as people imagine it to be. It's more than just endless stretches of farmland.


4 Celebrities Who Are Clearly Trolling the World

How could this person be such an asshole all the time if it's not genuine, unintentional assholery? Well, there are some signs to look out for, and I will guide you through it using four of the world's most prolific trolls.


5 Famous Celebrities With Insane Family Backgrounds

Some roles actors take are crazy, but nothing compared to the berserk nuttiness of their own actual lives.


5 Reasons Why Donald Trump Is the Biggest Troll Alive

An Internet troll is someone connected to the greatest informational resource ever made who can think of nothing better to do than crap in it. And Trump is worse than that.