15 Weird Birthday Gifts Given By Celebs To Other Celebs

15 Weird Birthday Gifts Given By Celebs To Other Celebs

Is your birthday coming up, and you still don't know what to get? How about trying something new this year and getting your loved ones a weird birthday gift. From a singing chicken to a life-size chocolate statue, these gifts are sure to surprise and amuse your friends and family on their special day.

As you get older, the gift-giving customs of your childhood may start to seem a little strange. Your friends and family may have started giving you gag gifts like underwear or ties on your birthday. While these gifts may seem weird, there's actually a science behind why they're given. Birthday gifts are meant to symbolize the change in age and celebrate another year of life. So, while you may not love getting goofy presents every year, it's still an important tradition that should be respected.

But today, cracked is sharing the weirdest list birthday gifts list that is given by celebrities to other celebs.

For his 28th birthday, Offset got $500,000 in physical cash from Cardi B. She put all the bills in a fridge, filling it up to the brim with stacks of Benjamins. Why cash? She didn't know what to get someone who has everything. CRACKED.COM

Source: Yahoo

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