An old Hollywood piece of advice for actors is “Never work with animals or kids.” Well, sometimes the animal actors are more beloved and better behaved than their human costars. Say what you want about animals, at least they have an excuse if they decide to ruin a scene by yelling at their fellow castmates. Hell, the dog from Frasier got more fan mail than Kelsey Grammer (which, honestly, isn't too surprising given Grammer's reputation).

But many animal actors have become heavy hitters in Tinsel Town. Some of them even have careers spanning nearly 20 years, working with Hollywood legends such as Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant. Other animal actors got paid better than many of their human costars!

Finding a dog, cat, horse, or monkey that can speak on command, stay still for a shot, or somehow play basketball is a gold mine for various films and TV shows. Here are some facts about some of the most long-standing working animal actors in Hollywood.


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