Tell Us Now: Who Is The Most Overpraised Historical Figure?

History puts people on pedestals, and our readers will knock 'em down.
Tell Us Now: Who Is The Most Overpraised Historical Figure?

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “Who is the most overpraised person in history and why?” And, honestly, we were surprised by the answers. King Arthur certainly is not someone that would have come into mind for us. Do we agree with all of these takes? Certainly not. James Joyce, for instance. We would argue that being difficult to read does not mean that the writing has no value, nor does it need to have value for everyone who tries to read it. That goes with most all art. With other suggestions we found ourselves in complete agreement, like with the takes on Thomas Edison or Pablo Escobar. Regardless - did we learn some facts along the way? Yes, and we clearly had to share them with you. That’s like, kind of our whole thing. So, read on, and when deciding whether you agree or disagree, think hard about why.

Pablo Escobar: Not A Modern Robin Hood

TELL US NOW. PABLO ESCOBAR Mario C. says, Thanks to Hollywood, a lot of people around the world believe he was some kind of cool modern Robin Hood. In reality, he was responsible for at least 3000 deaths during one of Colombia's most violent periods. CRACKED.COM

Source: AP News

Princess Diana: Didn't Actually Do Much

TELL US NOW. DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES Caroline B. argues, As a fashion icon, I guess she was up there with all the models, but as for what she did, I think she was just an ordinary pretty young woman. She really just was not that remarkable in her achievements or in what she did for other. CRACKED.COM

Charles Lindbergh: Expressed Nazi Values

TELL US NOW. CHARLES LINDBERGH Louis Nominated by Jim P. He almost moved to Germany in 1938, impressed by the country's military. He was an outspoken critic of U.S. intervention in WWII and made speeches that supported racism and eugenics, aligning with Nazi values. CRACKED.COM

Source: PBS

Liu Bei: More Fiction Than Fact

TELL US NOW. LIU BEI Andrew C. says the Han dynasty warlord has an undeserved reputation magnified infinitely by the popular 'historical' novel and countless games and shows. CRACKED.COM

Jim Morrison: Lyrical Nonsense

TELL US NOW. JIM MORRISON William H. wasn't the only person to nominate the Door'' singer, who some may say just read nonsense poetry CRACKED.COM

U.S. Founding Fathers: They're Not Saints, Just People

TELL US NOW. U.S. FOUNDING FATHERS Sanai A. says, The idealization and lionization of these people as paragons of virtue who fought the good fight is not even remotely in line with how those people really were. It's fine to respect accomplishments but selective historical narrative causes people to continue to make the same mistakes. CRACKED.COM

Rachel Carson: Didn't Forsee The Consequences

TELL US NOW. RACHEL CARSON Nominated by Dan v. The Mother of Environmentalism had good intentions in calling for the ban of the pesticide DDT, but its ban caused a reemergence of malaria, costing millions of people's lives. CRACKED.COM

Source: Daily Beast

James Joyce: Hard To Read

TELL US NOW. JAMES JOYCE In C.J.B.'s opinion, he's an overrated writer whose incomprehensible style remains fodder for pseudo-intellectval pontification 100 years later. CRACKED.COM
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