Welcome to this list of 12 corporate execs who went on insane rants and paid a heavy price for it. From the CEO of a jewelry group who cost his company £500 million with a single speech, to the head of a tech business who quit after a racist outburst, these execs have all gone too far and paid the price.

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We’ve all been there ... but maybe not as execs, though. You’re in the middle of a heated argument, and before you know it, you’ve said something you immediately regret. But these execs took it to the next level, and their words have cost them their jobs and reputations.

This list is a cautionary tale for anyone in a position of power. It’s a reminder that words have consequences, and it’s important to think before you speak. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at these corporate execs and their rants.

Tech CEO quits after racist outburst.

CRACKED CORPORATE CRASH & BURN BEING RACIST IN A RESTAURANT Michael Lofthouse, the head of a tech business in San Francisco, quit his job after a video showed him making racist comments to an Asian family at a restaurant in Carmel Valley on the Fourth of July.


ABC 7 News

CEO’s rant ends volunteer committee.

CRACKED CORPORATE CRASH & BURN DEMANDING RESPECT, DISRESPÉCTFULLY In 2020, all the people on the volunteer committee for a DV shelter quit after Kirk Ray Smith, the CEO of the organization that runs it, went on a 20- minute rant during a Zoom call, demanding to be treated like the president of a billion dollar company.

Monica Herndon/Tampa Bay Times

Tampa Bay Times

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