Larry David Allegedly 'Screamed' At Lawyer Alan Dershowitz in a Martha's Vineyard Grocery Store

Larry David Allegedly 'Screamed' At Lawyer Alan Dershowitz in a Martha's Vineyard Grocery Store

Well, folks, if you just can't wait for the 11th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm to hit HBO at the end of the year, it seems you may be in luck. Earlier this week, Larry David found himself in an unwitting, guerrilla reboot of the show, landing in a verbal altercation at a Martha's Vineyard grocery store with Harvard Law professor, Alan Dershowitz, over his association with former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. 

"We can still talk, Larry, Dershowitz pleaded to his former pal, according to tabloid Page Six, who broke the story. 

“No. No. We really can’t,” David allegedly snapped back. “I saw you. I saw you with your arm around Pompeo! It’s disgusting!” 

Although the attorney purportedly attempted to backtrack, claiming he taught Pompeo at Harvard Law school and that he greets “all of my former students that way,” it seems David was having absolutely none of his excuses. It’s disgusting,” the comedian continued, according to the publication, the Curb theme magically playing in the heads of every witness. “Your whole enclave — it’s disgusting. You’re disgusting!”

However as the comedian walked away, Dershowitz, evidently well-prepared for battle, allegedly did what any sane, rational person would do in this situation – removing his t-shirt to reveal another shirt, underneath, reading reading “It's The Constitution Stupid!'”

Although David has remained tight-lipped on the bizarre altercation, Dershowitz has most definitely not curbed his enthusiasm about the incident, dubbing David a “knee-jerk radical” and accusing him of "screaming" and partking in “contemporary McCarthyism."

“While he was writing bad jokes, I was helping to bring about peace in the Middle East,” Dershowitz recalled to Page Six. “What has he done?” he asked, evidently behind on the last several seasons of Curb

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