The Price On This French Cocktail Shaker Set Is Mad (Men)

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Are you looking to get (responsibly) turnt? Then you came to the right place! We're selling tools to get you (responsibly) turnt in a classy way, and for truly unbeatable prices!

You may not know anything about classy cocktails, but it's never too late to learn. And one of the best ways to learn is by doing. And to do, you need tools. That's where this Bartender's Choice Four-Piece French Cocktail Shaker Set comes into play.

The Price On This French Cocktail Shaker Set Is Mad (Men)

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This set includes a two-piece French cocktail shaker (which is what you use to mix drinks,) a 2 oz / 1 oz Japanese jigger (which looks sort of like a shot glass, but is used to measure drinks), and a Hawthorne strainer (which makes your drink look like a cool waterfall when you pour it, and also makes it less pulpy and watered down by ice). Best of all, the set comes with a tips and recipes card, so you can actually figure out how the heck to use all these things when you put 'em together like a party-starting Voltron.

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Grab the Bartender's Choice Four-Piece French Cocktail Shaker Set for 21% off the $41.99 list price at just $33 today.

Prices are subject to change.

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Oh, and before you go, We've Discovered The Cure To Hangovers And It's Super Simple. You're welcome.

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