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Summer is here, so you're probably starting to feel guilty watching your shows and movies inside every night, where you don’t have to wear pants and can pick your nose with reckless abandon. We get it. It's nice outside, and you want to spend as much time out there as possible, but you're only human. You're not gonna go to a drive-in movie every night.

So bring the drive-in movie to you.

Setting up a backyard theater is easy peasy with the Outdoor Movie Bundle: Wemax Go Portable Projector & 50" Portable Screen, and if you're one of the first 50 people to purchase it today, you can get it for just $199.99 (reg. $798).

This bundle includes a WeMax Go ALPD Laser Projector and a WeMax 50" ALR Portable Projector Screen, which uses a cinema-grade ALPD(R) laser that's been shrunk down so small, it can fit in your pocket and set up in just a couple of minutes. No need to watch science-fiction -- you’re carrying it, baby. It has built-in WiFi and HDMI, USB, and Type-C ports, making it practically universally compatible, no matter what you want to play. Plus, the laser works at a super-bright 300 ANSI lumens (with a 25,000-hour life) so your content shows in crystal clarity. Plus, it’s a freaking laser.

The projector screen is portable enough for traveling, camping, or setting up in the backyard and is perfectly designed to work with the projector. With 85% rejecting ambient light, you can even cast in the daytime without huddling under a hot blanket, while 4K display support ensures you're always getting the best resolution. The seven-layer optics precision structure also provides vivid, faithful image projection.

Turn movie night up a notch. The first 50 customers can get the Outdoor Movie Bundle: Wemax Go Portable Projector & 50" Portable Screen for just $199.99. Otherwise, you'll have to settle for buying it for $549.99 like the rest of us plebes.

Prices are subject to change.

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