Get Mom A Fancy Smartwatch For Mother's Day

Get Mom A Fancy Smartwatch For Mother's Day

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On Sunday, May 8, you better have something good to give the woman who raised you, or you're going to look and feel like a real loser. Well, we've got loads of Mother's Day ideas (most of them good), and one of our best suggestions is the C-MAX Chrono-Max Smartwatch, now on sale for its lowest price ever.

Mom wants to feel young and hip, right? That's why she randomly picked up spinning in her fifties. Help her feed this new fitness indulgence with a smartwatch that offers more than a dozen features on a 1.69" full color touchscreen display so she’ll get notifications of calls, chats, or texts while tracking her sleep, fitness, and health vitals during her workouts. The MAX even lets Mom control her music or audiobook playback, check the weather, control her camera, set alarms, and much more, so if she gets bored during the fifth round of hills, it’s got her covered. It’s super comfortable thanks to a soft, flexible silicone band, and it's extra durable thanks to IP67 waterproofing, in case Mom’s next guess at the unsolvable riddle of life and death is “extreme cliff diving.”

Help Mom lean all the way into her fitness regimen with the C-MAX Chrono-Max Smartwatch. Normally $219, it has been on sale for $59.99, but you can get it for its lowest price ever at just $49.99 right now. It's available in pink, rose gold, and black. Which one best suits your mom? Better guess right.

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