Creepiest Rooms In Games (That We Weren't Meant To Find)

Creepiest Rooms In Games (That We Weren't Meant To Find)

Many games fail hard because they fail to contain their glitches and they end up completely overrun by them. Yes, that's exactly how game development works. You don't need to worry about the following games, though, because they managed to contain most if not all of their madness inside a tiny secret nightmare of a room.

The first example is that of Shadow Tower, one of the earlier games by the company that would later go on to make Dark Souls. Even though the creator of the Souls series was still not with the company,  you could already see some of the darkness that would later permeate that series in the form of an inaccessible room that contains a hanging man.

Shadow Tower's mysterious hanged man

From Software

You can totally picture some sort of evil spirit haunting the company's offices and whispering into the devs' ears that this is a good idea.

Skyrim players who mess with the game's console may find themselves inside a corpse-filled room that was presumably colored after the sweatiest of fever dreams.

A strange room full of dead bodies


It's just the “dead body cleanup room,” something the devs created to be the home of every single NPC that dies in the game. What a relief it is to find out that the supremely off-putting thing we've just come across was actually something that was working as intended.

Now for some really creepy stuff. In the video below, a player talks about something he saw in a game that scarred him forever when he was a kid; the kind of thing so incredibly pants poopingly scary that his kid friends didn't even bother to check in on. Then, 18 years later, he made a video proving that he really had stumbled upon a top-secret room in the serious tactical military shooter Army Men's Sarge's Heroes where one can see a grossly mutated version of one of the developers.

Which was like the kid version of entering area 51 and being forced to watch an alien autopsy.

And what better way to finish than with the strangest secret room in a game about raiding weird-ass places? In the great pyramid level from Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, players who break the game via hacks can go on a detour where they'll find something even a scholar of all things unknown would find eerie.

secret temple from afar

Square Enix

The temple of what's presumably the god of unused textures doesn't get any less weird when you get closer

secret temple entrance

Square Enix

or when you step inside

inside of the secret temple

Square Enix

Dear archeological diary, the first man in Egypt to break away from traditional hieroglyphic writing was a total Cleopatra simp.

Top Image: Microsoft

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