Animated 'Smallville' Revival Has Most Of The Non-Incarcerated Cast On Board

Animated 'Smallville' Revival Has Most Of The Non-Incarcerated Cast On Board

Smallville is the show that managed to squeeze the idea "What if we did a Superman show without Superman?" for 10 seasons, and if star Tom Welling gets his wish, he'll get to squeeze it for at least one more -- only in animated form. And, based on the latest information, it sounds like he'll be joined by most of his fellow cast members who aren't currently behind bars due after pleading guilty to racketeering charges in connection to a horrifying sex cult

Last year, Welling mentioned in a Cameo message to some fans that he and Lex Luthor actor Michael Rosenbaum were working on an animated sequel to the show, ending with "Don't tell anybody though, it's a secret. We're still working on it."

Welling and Rosenbaum then told media outlets that they were "not really allowed to talk about it" and proceeded to talk about it for a bit and to dish out the fact that Smallville creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar are involved. Last week, speaking at a convention in Canada, Welling said they're trying to get as many original cast members as their schedules (and the law) allow. He and Rosenbaum are on board, of course; Erica Durance (Lois Lane) said "yeah" when put on the spot during a video interview …

… Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang) said in 2018 that she'd be into it; John Glover (Lex's dad Lionel Luthor) "wants to do it" according to Welling; and they even want to get Sam Jones III (Clark's pal Pete Ross on seasons 1-3), whose IMDb page doesn't look too busy, so that seems likely. 

As for who isn't coming back, Welling did admit that "it might be tough to get Allison (Mack, Clark's other friend Chloe)." You know, because she's in jail for three years due to the sex trafficking cult thing. Durance, however, made a good point when she added, "We have Zoom," which Welling awkwardly acknowledged. Watch them say that and then try to change the subject as fast as possible 25 minutes into this video:

As for what the show would be about, it's confirmed that it'll be a sequel and not a "side stories" deal or Muppet Babies-type situation. The Smallville: Season 11 comics published between 2013 and 2018 might provide some clues as to what Clark/Superman's been about for the past decade: these show him meeting Batman and Wonder Woman, being forcibly conscripted into the Green Lantern Corps for a while, saving the Multiverse during a crisis, and joining the Justice League. Like, the actual Justice League, not a bunch of bros in hoodies like in the show.

Promo image for TV series Smallville showing Justice League.

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What incredible diversity of sleeves, though. 

Or maybe the animated series will follow the continuity set by Welling and Durance's cameo in CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths event in 2019, which (in keeping with the original show's "Superman without Superman" theme) revealed that Clark gave up his powers to raise kids in Smallville. Nobody tell him that Superman & Lois' Clark is currently doing that without having had to chop off his alien side.

Whether the show will find Clark soaring through the skies or chilling on a farm and changing diapers for 12 episodes, one thing is for certain: don't get involved in sex trafficking cults, people; what the hell.

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