'The Razzies' Are Trash (But Raise A Point About Bruce Willis)

'The Razzies' Are Trash (But Raise A Point About Bruce Willis)

The Razzies are trash. As we’ve mentioned before, The Golden Raspberry Awards are a useless, mean-spirited event founded by a disgruntled film student. Even just within the narrow terms of their shallow intent, playfully poking fun at bad movies, The Razzies repeatedly fail at this task. Hell, they famously nominated Stanley Kubrick as the worst director of the year for the legitimate masterpiece that is The Shining. 

And this year, not surprisingly, their nominations, again, are so completely off-the-mark they almost don’t bear repeating. The nominated Ben Affleck for Worst Supporting Actor in The Last Duel? The movie in which he plays a debaucherous, foul-mouthed French Count so hilariously it almost made us forget about that back tattoo?

But, as much as it pains us to say so, the Razzies actually made an interesting point this year by creating an entire category called “Worst Performance by Bruce Willis in a 2021 Movie.” Bruce Willis is up against, well, himself – he’s nominated eight times for the eight straight-to-VOD action movies he appeared in throughout the year. 

Either because we’ve all grown numb to poorly Photoshopped images of Bruce Willis’ grizzled face, or because time just has no meaning anymore, some of us hadn’t exactly kept track of the staggering number of schlocky B-movies Willis released last year – like Cosmic Sin, in which Bruce battles aliens inside of what looks like a space-themed escape room.

Or Apex, which is basically The Most Dangerous Game but with a cigar-chomping Bruce Willis.

Then there's Out of Death in which he’s … fresh out of death, apparently. He’s got no more deaths to give. 

This is less than half of his 2021 filmography. To be honest, most of these projects kind of blur together – probably because in 90% of them he’s playing an ex-cop named, like, Schmo Malone or something. And also, almost all of them seem to have been filmed in some kind of national park. Why is Bruce Willis in so many movies destined for the 7-Eleven discount bin? No one really seems to truly know for sure. But to be honest, it's kind of awesome that Bruce has become the new king of B-movies; and if he continues to put his quarters in the low-budget movie slot machine, he may one day hit the jackpot – like how Nicolas Cage made Pig and Mandy while frantically trying to pay his dinosaur skull and live crocodile bills.

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