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At this point, it seems like the singularity/techpocalypse is pretty much inevitable, so you might as well start preparing. If you're ready to face your human weakness, you're in luck, because for a limited time, you can get The Premium Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Super Bundle for just $14.97 (reg. $36.99). This 12-course bundle won't give you an exact guide to defeating the machines after they've risen, but it will teach you how machines and AI work so you can reverse engineer a solution when the fateful day arises.

You'll learn from top-rated experts like Juan Galvan (4.5/5 instructor rating), Minerva Singh (4.5/5 rating), and Kalob Taulien (4.6/5 rating), all of whom sound like they could be generals in a tomorrow war. It might feel over your head at first, but after you get through the beginner's course, you'll understand how to train a model, know the difference between applied and generalized AI, know what clustering is, and have a better idea of what machine learning and deep learning are. From there, you'll start delving into specific applications of machine learning and AI, from data science and image recognition to recommendation engines and much more.

Uncle Sam wants you! To learn machine learning. And you can for just $14.97 when you get The Premium Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Super Bundle today.

Prices are subject to change.

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