Late Millennials Now Have Their Own 2007-Themed Music Festival, Proving We're All Really Old


For a year and change now, experts have dubbed the pandemic as a gateway into “the roaring 20s” a new 1920's inspired era defined by partying, hedonism, and more likely than not, the return of questionable-looking headbands, cigs inside, and all that jazz. Yet despite this popular notion, it seems our journey throughout the Covid-19 wormhole has spit us out in a different era, one also defined by partying, hedonism, questionable headbands, cigs inside, and all that … electro-indie pop? Yep, in yet another scenario proving we know absolutely nothing about the concept of time, it seems we've found our post-pandemic selves back in 2007. 

Earlier this week, the Just Like Heaven Fest music festival dropped their 2022 lineup, a bill filled to the brim with several of the late aught's most popular stars. Featuring documentary-filmmaker-turned pop-star-turned-speculated-anti-vaxxer, M.I.A., Modest Mouse, Interpol, and every hipster New Jersey-ian's favorite band, The Shins, as headliners, as well as several other late aughts staples, including Bloc Party, Santigold, !!!, Peaches and the WWI-tastic band behind “Take Me Out,” Franz Ferdinand, the festival will feature all your favorite pre-Obama administration favorites, in case you want to forget about the slow, albeit inevitable passage of time for a few sweet days next summer. 

“We’re so stoked to be playing with a bunch of our favorite bands!” James Mercer of the Shins told Rolling Stone. “When we first started touring it was Modest Mouse who really helped us out, having us open for them on many dates while we were just learning how to tour! So happy to be on stage with our old friends again!" he continued, refusing to specify just how old these old friends are, narrowly avoiding pitting an existential crisis on millennials slowly approaching the big 4-0.

However, Mercer is far from alone in his excitement.“This festival is pretty much a mirror of my favorite playlist and I’m truly psyched to be a part of it," said Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock, likely referencing the sharpie-heart decorated CDs he burned for all of his friends' cars. "I think I’d have been butt hurt if we hadn’t been asked to be a part of this.”

So folks with the late aughts upon us, it seems we have some serious preparing to do – if you'll excuse me, I'll be ironing my teeny vest and grabbing my lowest-rise skinny jeans. 

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