You Don't Know Google Like You Think You Do

You Don't Know Google Like You Think You Do

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Google might be an evil anonymous conglomerate harvesting all of our data to anticipate our every need and preference, but it also provides a range of useful tools to make our petty lives feel productive. Chances are, given just how freaking much Google offers, you aren't taking as much advantage of them as they are of you. It's not like you're not gonna use it, so make your digital life a little better with The 2021 Ultimate Google Workspace Certification Bundle.

This 11-course bundle comprises 36 hours of training in all things Google, from the familiar (the G Suite course on how to use Docs, Sheets, and the like more effectively) to the brave new world (Google Ads, Trends, Analytics, and other words you vaguely heard from the marketing majors who tried to chat you up in college). You'll learn to create and leverage ads across the entire web, better understand how people are interacting with your web pages, discover the best times to talk about certain things, and even create apps, all in the service of tricking those suckers -- ahem, your customers -- into giving you more money.

So, what are you waiting for? Become a Google savant today while The 2021 Ultimate Google Workspace Certification Bundle is on sale for $30.

Prices are subject to change.


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