Vanilla Ice Honored The Ninja Turtles' Sacrifice This Memorial Day

Vanilla Ice Honored The Ninja Turtles' Sacrifice This Memorial Day

Commemorating Memorial Day on social media shouldn’t really be that difficult -- but somehow, celebrities failed hard at even that simple task yesterday. The first and most important thing to remember is that you really shouldn’t publish a Tweet praising the actions of Adolf Hitler. But former game show host/current raging bigot Chuck Woolery somehow couldn’t stop himself from doing just that. 

Perhaps the most baffling post, however, came from rapper, actor, and burglar Vanilla Ice. Ice posted a thank you to “the soldiers” for giving us all the freedom to have cookouts, sports, and bizarrely, “smiles.” And for some reason, he included an image of his former co-star Leonardo the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, with the American flag draped across his shoulder

Yes, what better way to honor the troops than equating them with a fictional pizza-gobbling reptile? And, by the way, beating up runaway teens who joined a Ninja skate park cult isn’t exactly a war. Amazingly, Vanilla Ice’s wasn’t the only Twitter account to make tone-deaf pop-culture-themed posts yesterday; we also got a salute from cartoon sailor/fried chicken magnate Popeye.

And weirdly, the Halo account proclaimed that they “remember those that have given their today for our tomorrow” -- a noble sentiment slightly undercut by the accompanying image of Master Chief, the futuristic supersoldier who has sacrificed precisely nothing because he is a bunch of ones and zeroes that live inside of your Xbox. 

Although, in all fairness to Vanilla Ice, the Ninja Turtles did suffer greatly during the horrors of their early ‘90s musical tour. 

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