In January, the news of Peacock's strange, tiered payment system forcing fans to shell out $10 per month to stream all nine seasons of The Office created a significant divide among Dunderheads across the nation. While many took after Michael Scott -- saying "NO GOD, PLEASE NO!" to the new NBC streaming service's absurd pricing model before picking up the show's $60-ish DVD box set in protest, it seems a quiet majority jumped on the bandwagon, seemingly keeping Peacock afloat one rewatch at a time. 

As Peacock seemingly works to secure its niche nearly one year after its launch last April, recently acquiring the rights to WWE's network, becoming the "exclusive home" for the majority of the wrestling organization's video content, it seems NBC's smash series is significantly helping the network pay the bills, nearly a decade after its series finale in 2013. "The hit sitcom, which was consistently one of Netflix's most popular shows until leaving for Peacock this year, generated more signups to Peacock than when the service launched nationwide in July," Business Insider reported, citing data from data firm, Antenna. Furthermore, the property, which hit the streaming service at the beginning of the year after leaving its long-time home of Netflix drove sign-ups by 3.9 times as compared to a December weekend, according to the financial publication. 

However, it appears this model has done more than merely increase sign-ups, driving numbers of fans purchasing pricier subscriptions, with the number of Premium Plus plans skyrocketing by 9% after the show hit Peacock. Although promising, these numbers are only half the battle considering Peacock's place in the larger streaming wars, with the firm reporting that Apple Plus and Peacock combined comprise just two percent of streaming service market share. 

So, could The Office become the NBC platform's weapon of choice in the streaming wars? Maybe -- never discount the power of an obsessed fandom even a decade on. 

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