WWE Is Now Getting 'The Office' Treatment at Peacock

WWE Is Now Getting 'The Office' Treatment at Peacock

Well, folks, it seems that several fans of The Office going out of their way to purchase DVD boxed sets of the entire series to evade Peacock's ridiculous pricing system was somehow not enough to encourage the company to change its bizarre, money-grabbing ways. On the contrary, it seems NBCUniversal has furthered its reach, victimizing yet another franchise in their quest for streaming domination -- none other than The WWE. On Monday, NBCUniversal announced that the WWE Network would join their expanding roster of shows, with 17,000 hours of content hitting the NBC streaming platform on March 18, CNN reported. 

"NBCUniversal has a long-standing relationship with WWE that began nearly 30 years ago with Monday Night Raw on USA," Peacock exec, Rick Cordella, explained in a statement. "WWE has always tapped into the cultural zeitgeist with spectacular live events and larger-than-life characters, and we are thrilled to be the exclusive home for WWE Network."

As a part of a secretive deal that some sources say will span five years and is worth upwards of $1 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal,  the entertainment giant's wrestling content is now subject to a similarly strange pricing model, akin to the one that Peacock has applied to the majority of its offerings. Although unlike The Office, there is no free tier, fans will have to pony up $4.99 to view the WWE's selection with ads and double that amount at $9.99 for the full, uninterruped experience. Ugh. At least you can still buy the complete Royal Rumble anthology on Etsy for $49.95?  Amid these changes, it should be noted that the WWE will still reportedly continue airing "Raw" on USA and "Smackdown" on Fox, giving fans' wallets a little bit of a much-needed break during this streaming chaos. 

So Peacock execs, if you're reading this, please rethink your pricing model -- these streaming wars are out of control. Oh, and if you're gonna charge almost $10 for wrestling content, at least put an end to WWE's sick trend of claiming John Cena will appear in videos when he's clearly not there. The audacity ...

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