After going full Nick at Nite for three episodes, this week's Wandavision finally engaged with the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe beyond simply showing us two of its stars cheerfully squatting in Dick Van Dyke's old bungalow. In the very first scene, we get to see S.W.O.R.D. agent Monica Rambeau experience the so-called "Blip" -- the moment when Thanos' snap was undone, and all of his Infinity War victims were cosmic-Krazy Glued back into existence. And it was ... not pleasant.

Rambeau was resurrected in the exact spot from which she had disappeared five years earlier; the hospital room belonging to her mother, who it turns out died in the interim. It's not only Rambeau who's discombobulated; the Blip has, understandably, plunged the world into momentary chaos. It also makes you wonder if anyone died offscreen during the triumphant ending; if everyone "Blipped" back to the location where they disappeared, what about people who were driving cars? What about airplane passengers? Apparently, Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige nipped this concern in the bud back in 2019, insisting that no one would have been Blipped into mid-air, thousands of feet above ground, only to plunge to their death. Why? Because "Smart Hulk is smart," and he wished for everyone to come back "safely." Oh, okay.

But even if everyone was "safe," that still leaves a lot of wiggle room for a whole slew of terrible situations. What if someone was Snapped out of a public washroom only to Blip back into the same stall on top of a pooping stranger? What if someone disappeared from their marital bed only to reappear between their partner and their partner's new partner(s if they got in polyamory)? What if someone was taking off their clothes in the changing room of a Target, but in the intervening five years, that Target went out of business, got torn down, and was eventually replaced by Chili's that happened to be hosting that person's high school reunion the very night they Blipped back into existence in their underwear in front of all their old classmates, even that girl they had a crush on in tenth grade? Forget Loki; when will Disney+ make a series purely about the sprawling awkward mishaps of Blip Day?

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