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Video games are always a popular gift, but if you've been out of the video game game for a while, you may not be fully up to date on everything you need to game like a champion. For instance, did you know that you don't even need to confront your longtime enemies at Gamestop anymore? You can just download games straight to your console, like Internet magic. In fact, to play even a remotely complete version of any game, you have to buy hundreds of dollars worth of additional downloadable content. It's neat.

One thing that isn't a mixed blessing is that virtually all controllers for modern consoles don't require cords or thrice monthly AA replacement. All you need is a charger, which is where these dual charging stands for Xbox One and Series X controllers and PlayStation 5 controllers come in.

Once you're done playing (or your eyes are so bloody, you can't see anymore), just place your controllers on either of these charging stands instead of somewhere on the floor in the general direction of the TV. Each one has two outputs, so you can charge two controllers at once, and they'll be fully powered in as little as two hours. Just go out for pizza, and before you know it, your controllers will awaken from their little power nap, raring to go.

Ensure you can game as much as humanly possible this holiday season. The Dual Charging Station for PS5 Wireless Controller is on sale for 15% off $25 at just $21.99. The Dual Charging Stand Kit for X-BOX One & Series X Controllers is on sale for 25% off $40 at just $29.99.

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