Mysterious New Wave Band (NOT Green Day) Releases Ivanka Trump Diss Track

Mysterious New Wave Band (NOT Green Day) Releases Ivanka Trump Diss Track

New Wave aficionados, Ivanka Trump haters, and fans of punk bands that are certainly NOT secret Green Day side projects, rejoice! Synthpunk sextet, The Network, is back, back with their first new music since 2003, a high-energy diss track aimed at the reigning first daughter of the United States, Ivanka Trump. "Ivankkka Is A Nazi" is their Ramones-esque punk rock single, garnering comparisons to 1977's "Sheena is a Punk Rocker," 

"Ivanka is a Nazi, she's in the KKK," Fink, the band's frontman who is definitely NOT Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, sings amid a distorted VHS-inspired backdrop. "She's got a Gucci swastika and loves the NRA, Ivanka is a Nazi, a white supremacist, She says that she is kosher, but we know she's a bigot, She is a Nazi, She is a Fascist, she's a Nazi." 

Since the release of the song, which has garnered more than 123,000 views on YouTube, The Network has invoked a few guerrilla marketing tactics in promoting "Ivankkka Is A Nazi" as well as their other new music, with Fink Taking over Armstrong's personal instagram account ...

... and Green Day's official Twitter page. "Attention Green Day and fans -- this page belongs to us now," reads text post image pinned to the top of the account. "Back in 2003, we, The Network, warned mankind of the fate they would meet in the year 2020. To no surprise, 2020  is upon us and it looks like exactly as our prophecy predicted. As one final warning on December 4th 2020 we will release "Money Money 2020 Pt II: We Told Ya So!" We are at threat level Midnight. And if you are still asking, we are not Green Day, we are The Network. For now, hop in and set your transistors to the Trans Am EP, out everywhere now." 

Wow, Green Day really needs to amp up their cybersecurity. Despite the band's adamant denial that they are NOT The Network, there is still reason to believe the two are connected. In 2013, Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt confirming to Rolling Stone that they were behind the elusive group, as well as the band the Foxboro Hot Tubs, when discussing some of Armstrong's personal struggles in the early 2010s. That said, it should also be noted that more recently, Dirnt took to instagram to promote the upcoming EP, and deny rumors the two bands are connected. 

 "If you still think this is @greenday you probably think the earth is Flat!!!" he wrote alongside Trans Am's cover art. "or is it ... Hell I don't know anymore!"

So, is Green Day actually The Network? The world may never know the answer to this absolutely impossible-to-solve mystery. But in the meantime, there is one thing we know for sure -- the band should probably change their passwords. 

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