The Nun Who Who Claimed To Taste Jesus's Foreskin

The Nun Who Who Claimed To Taste Jesus's Foreskin

Agnes Blannbekin, an Austrian holy woman who lived in the 13th and 14th centuries, was no average nun. She wasn't technically a nun at all, but she lived in a religious order, where even her fellow devotees thought she was weird. They made fun of her, for example, for bowing toward the basement of a certain house whenever she walked by it, but they shut up quick when it turned out a witch had stolen bread intended for the Eucharist, stuffed it in a wine bottle, and hidden it in that basement. That's the story, anyway. 

We all know witches prefer Four Loko.

She, of course, had all kinds of visions, like sparks flying into the mouth of a preacher and another being punished for "deflowering a virgin," but her most controversial ones were rather steamier. She often had visions of naked monks or nuns, and while most of her descriptions of these visions seem to indicate that the nudity was symbolic of evil, Christ also often appeared to her naked, so make of that what you will. Definitely, the weirdest one was the time at the Feast of the Lord's Circumcision, which is apparently a thing, when she received communion and instead sensed:

...the greatest sweetness on her tongue, a little piece of skin alike the skin in an egg, which she swallowed. After she had swallowed it, she again felt the little skin on her tongue with sweetness as before, and again she swallowed it. And this happened to her about a hundred times. And when she felt it so frequently, she was tempted to touch it with her finger. And when she wanted to do so, that little skin went down her throat on its own. And it was told to her that the foreskin was resurrected with the Lord on the day of resurrection. And so great was the sweetness of tasting that little skin that she felt in all limbs and parts of the limbs a sweet transformation.

Even Agnes was reluctant to divulge that one, although not because it was weird, just because she thought it was God's little gift intended only for her. Still, her confessor dutifully wrote it down, as he did every vision she shared. They were good reading if nothing else. When a copy of her revelations was circulated in the 18th century, it was promptly declared blasphemy and largely dismissed, because admittedly, that whole foreskin thing is a little sketch. Interestingly, one historian claims that "Agnes's text is considerably less erotic than the mystical writings of other beguines." 

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