Is your burrito just too gosh darn messy? Are your hands so busy carrying your cell phone and coffee cup that lugging your Chipotle lunch from your front door to your work-from-home set-up seems like a chore? Do you wish you could have all the fun of eating a '90s Push Pop, but instead of candy, have that lollipop in question actually be a tortilla stuffed with beans, cheese, and that extra-but-so-so-worth-it guacamole? Have you ever desired to eat a burrito in stealth infiltration scenarios but are too afraid of a loud salsa splash blowing your deep cover?

Well friends, a new Kickstarter has come to the rescue: enter the Burrito Pop. 

Dubbed "the best way to carry, keep warm, and eat your favorite food" and "a twist on the entire burrito eating experience," which are a few VERY tall promises to fill (considering the majority of burrito-eating experiences are pretty great as is) this hands-free lunch-holding device works essentially like a tube of lipstick, but instead of lipstick, you get a burrito at the end (which is now making us wish lipstick had burritos built in).

Yet the device is about more than just preventing the dreaded pico de gallo blowout -- according to creator Madelin Woods, the device claims to tackle one of the biggest burrito woes of all time -- "it'll keep your burrito fresh if you need to take a break." While Woods says in an accompanying video that she spent years developing the product and learning "more about the dimensions of a burrito than anyone should ever know," soggy second-day burritos are a serious issue, and if she can actually fix that, well, at least something in 2020 is actually going right.

Having already surpassed her fundraising goal in just one day, clearly the collective internet believes in miracles. (All jokes aside, mom and dad, if you're reading this, please get me this for my birthday next year. I can't remember the last time I ate a burrito, but one can never be too prepared.)

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