A Bunny Expert Classifying Rabbits Is Oddly Hypnotic, Wholesome

A Bunny Expert Classifying Rabbits Is Oddly Hypnotic, Wholesome

Have you ever came across a fluffy little rabbit and wished you knew how to properly classify and rank that 'lil bun on a scale of cute to absolutely adorable? Well, dear reader, today is your lucky day. On this week's episode of weirdly soothing videos to start your Monday, we have an incredibly languid man methodically classifying the traits and markings of six adorable Dutch rabbits. 

From the Black Dutch to the Blue Dutch, and even the Tortoise Dutch (which to clarify, is not an actual tortoise), our Bob Ross of rabbitry (a one Mr. Bob Bergene) breaks down everything you didn't realize you needed to know about rabbits in the most wonderfully accidental dad-core ASMR video to ever exist.  Although the clip was first posted to YouTube eight years ago, it gained traction on Twitter earlier this week due to both the magic of the internet and our collective desperation for even a drop of not completely deranged content in these increasingly, uh, colorful times. 

After first introducing his lineup of six of the calmest, most well-behaved rabbits known to man, he then picks up an only slightly terrified looking Bunny No 1. explaining, in his oddly soothing Midwestern dad adorableness, how traits like markings and of course, roundness, translate into the rabbit's perfection score. While it should be noted all bunny rabbits are perfect, and adorable and cuddly in their own special ways, these numbers are just for show rabbits. Its neck marking is worth five points, its little white paws worth 12, but the rabbit's most notable feature is its roundness, from its adorably chubby cheeks to its hind quarters. In short, bunnies are adorable and Midwestern accents are relaxing. Happy Monday, folks.

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