Take An Extra 15% Off This Already Discounted E-Skateboard For Labor Day

Take An Extra 15% Off This Already Discounted E-Skateboard For Labor Day

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Sick of all those bikers zooming around town, disobeying traffic laws, causing havoc, and then having the nerve to flip you off? Yep, it seems like bikers are getting gnarlier and bolder by the day. It's enough to make you rebel ... by becoming an adult skateboarder. Except, like, you're a responsible adult with a job and a 401(k). You're going to become an adult e-skateboarder.

Incidentally, right now, the Urban E-Skateboard is on sale for a special $95 price when you use the code GOFORIT15 at checkout. Considering it's normally $450, we'd say that's a pretty good deal.

This ultra-light, compact e-skateboard is the perfect commuting option for people in cities or the 'burbs who don't mind looking like the best kind of nerd. With a remote control, you can switch between three speed modes that accommodate every rider, up to 12mph, with a range of 7--10 miles on a single charge. You can skateboard to work, then to lunch, then to do some sick wheelies in the parking garage while the security guard is on his break.

Once you get where you're going, you can easily pop it in your bag to carry around or charge it back to full battery in as little as one hour. The board can support riders up to 250 lbs. while the shock-absorbing PU wheels will comfortably handle any bumps in the road on your ride. You'll be just like Bart Simpson, except hot.

Again, the Urban E-Skateboard is normally $450. It's been on sale for just $110.95, but until September 7, you can use the code GOFORIT15 to get it for just $94. Get it in blue, orange, or green.

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