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Drinking your beer or soda or seltzer from a can is fine, but there's just something nicer about a cup. Maybe it's the way you can take a big sip without everyone hilariously chanting "Chug! Chug! Chug!" or pour it into another vessel without watching most of the carbonation fizz away from your life. Fortunately, you can very easily turn any canned beverage into a cup with The Draft Top.

The Draft Top has raised more than $800,000 in crowdfunding. That's how much people hate cans. It's been featured on CNET, Trend Hunter, The Gadgeteer, and more top gadget sites because it provides an elegant solution to a surprisingly pervasive problem.

This patent-pending bar tool removes the top of almost any can using four rotational blades, splitting and folding the lid of a can as you turn it. The result is a topless can that enhances the drinking experience, eliminates sharp edges, and lets you pour with ease. If you love the smell of a crisp, fresh beer or like to add orange or other garnishes, you'll love The Draft Top. The Draft Top is specifically designed for most 8–16-oz. aluminum beverage cans and some 19-oz. cans with standard tops.

Enjoy beer from a can like it's been poured from draft. Right now, you can get The Draft Top for 17% off $24 at just $20.50 or get two for 19% off $49 at just $39.99.

MSRP: $24

Sale Price: $20.50

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