Upgrade Your Laptop Setup With These Portable, Attachable Screens


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What's that? You miss your dual-monitor setup at the office? Well, it may be a while until you're back there so you better get used to working on your 11" laptop. Just kidding! Technology exists, and the Mobile Pixels TRIO is here to make your work from home life more productive than ever.

This multi-screen laptop accessory is like having a portable second (or third) screen wherever you go. Whether you're working on complicated spreadsheets or need to watch an instructional video on one screen to go through a process on another, the Mobile Pixels TRIO has you covered. Just plug TRIO into your laptop and you're ready to go. It's compatible with any Mac, Linux, Chrome, or Android device via USB connection and is rotatable 180 degrees for any orientation you'd like. If you wanna work sideways, you can. That's your business. You can even adjust the brightness on one or both or all three screens with ease.

The Mobile Pixels TRIO successfully raised almost $1.5 million on Indiegogo and has earned rave reviews from Buzzfeed, Geeky Gadgets, and WIRED. That means you can rest assured it doesn't suck, and right now, you can get a single monitor for 16% off $259 at just $214.99 or two monitors for 15% off $319 at just $269.99. Open up your mind and your puny li'l screen.

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