Get This Swanky Electric Toothbrush For Way Cheaper Than A Sonicare


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Nobody enjoys trips to the dentist, but they would be a lot less unpleasant if you weren't such a bad monkey who just can't get into the right oral hygiene habits. When you forget to brush every night or you go weeks without flossing, it feels kind of unfair to get mad at the dentist for telling you your teeth suck. Fortunately, you can make those dentist trips a bit better and have fun doing it with the Shyn Sonic Toothbrush.

This American Dental Association (ADA)–approved toothbrush won People Magazine's 2019 Travel Award for Best Electric Toothbrush and Wired's Favorite Subscription Electric Toothbrush Award. Simply put, it's a good brush. It has four brush modes and five intensity levels to give you a personalized, comfortable cleaning, all while protecting your gums thanks to Shyn's Gum Protecting Pressure Sensor. Whether you want to feel like majestic reeds swaying in the breeze are giving your teeth a gentle massage or go full jackhammer on those bad boys, Shyn has you covered.

Whatever your preference, Shyn's powerful bristles are proven to be effective at removing plaque and preventing gingivitis while the angled neck makes it easier to reach those touch nooks and crannies in your mouth. Never again spend what feels like hours trying to dig a stubborn thread of pork out of your molars after you went a little hog wild at the barbecue. (No one? Fine.) The Shyn Sonic Toothbrush also comes with whitening brush heads that use diamond-shaped bristles to clean and buff your teeth, as well as fold-out pick flossers to help you get in between teeth. Get ready to get smug upon your next dance with the heavy baby bib.

The Shyn Sonic Toothbrush will help you overhaul your teeth cleaning routine. Normally $202, you can get a kit for 62% off at just $74.99 now in either black or white. You can also get a set without the flossers for just $64.99, you just won't be able to brag quite so hard to your dentist.

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