Trump Being Forced To Reveal His Tax Returns Is Hardly A Win


Have you heard the news? Donald Trump lost his Supreme Court case against New York prosecutors over his taxes and financial records. He'll be forced to show us his taxes! Hooray! We got him, right?

Well not exactly. See, there's a reason you're not seeing me dancing in the streets right now, and while yes, part of that reason is that you can't actually see me at all - this is just a wall of text- the other reason is that Donald Trump's tax records, while potentially damaging to his reputation, probably won't be released until after the election, meaning it's not going to matter until it's too late.

But even if somehow we were able to see Donald Trump's taxes right now, haven't we sailed well past the point of this being significant anymore? I mean, if after seeing Trump (allegedly) allowed a bounty to be placed on American soldiers, his (alleged) dealings with Russia and (alleged) subsequent obstruction of justice, his handling of Ukraine, his open call to foreign countries to help him win the upcoming election, his failure to adequately divest his business properties, his installation of family members into places of political power, and so many other instances of possible corruption and you still think this guy is okay, then I doubt finding out he uses bullshit tax loopholes is going to change your opinion of him.

The only thing worth celebrating here is that for once our Supreme Court showed a little bit of backbone in standing up to him, but even then it was like a single vertabra at most. Again, we're talking about a President who's already been impeached for coercing a foreign government to investigate a political opponent. Unless within his tax returns we find a receipt labeled "murder" then I don't think this is going to matter any more than any of the other wildly bonkers things Trump has possibly done. And even then, I'm still unsure if his base will care.

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