Rainn Wilson Is Sick of ‘Office’ Fans’ Jell-O Pranks

‘I hope people cool it with the Jell-O jokes’
Rainn Wilson Is Sick of ‘Office’ Fans’ Jell-O Pranks

Unfortunately for Rainn Wilson, this is just the kind of plea that invites more trouble. “I hope people cool it with the Jell-O jokes,” he recently told PEOPLE, which is like a little brother saying he hopes his older siblings will stop making fun of his husky jeans. Once you let people — or PEOPLE — know that a joke bugs you, you’re just inviting the fun to continue. 

It all started for Wilson on the very first episode of the American Office, when his character Dwight Shrute was pranked by desk neighbor Jim Halpert with a stapler swallowed by gelatin. “He put my stuff in Jell-O again! That’s real professional!”

That, of course, was an echo of Tim pulling the same prank on Gareth in the BBC version. The inspiration for the joke? Gareth once declared a dislike for jelly and the way it moves. “Right,” says David Brent. “You showed a weakness, and he pounced.”

My point exactly, Rainn Wilson! When you show a weakness, fans are almost guaranteed to pounce. And that’s just what Wilson fears after his recent Instagram post showing one such prank perpetuated by a mischievous rascal at a hotel in Florence. 

“I posted that thing on Instagram about my silverware and Jell-O in Italy. My fear is that I won't be able to go anywhere without stuff being put in Jell-O,” Wilson says. “I'll go valet park, and then my car keys will be in Jell-O. And I'll go to a baseball game, and the baseball will be in Jell-O. And the list goes on and on. So I hope people cool it with the Jell-O jokes. That's all.”

Man, Wilson is even throwing out ideas for different venues to try. Take notes, everybody. Even if he’s over it, his old Office mates thought the stunt was pretty funny. Kate Flannery replied to the Instagram post with a sea of hearts while Ed Helms wrote, “Haha!!! That is so wonderful and funny! I hope you left a giant tip (in Jell-O!)!”

A weary Wilson isn’t finding the jokes so wonderful, telling PEOPLE, “I think it’s time to move on.” That sure sounds eerily like Dwight complaining about the original Jell-O gag: “It’s the third time and it wasn’t funny the first time.”


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