Police officers of America have reduced themselves to comic book henchmen, in that it's hard to tell if they are more evil than they are stupid. Yes, their too-many-to-list acts of senseless violence in just this past month alone would lend credence to the evil category ...

... but don't think stupid is out of this competition just yet.

Many police officers around the country have been fired for things they've posted on social media, and when you take a look at the things they've said, there's no doubt that the culture amongst the police reinforces that they are beyond reproach. Otherwise, how do you post something like this:

10:44 Instagram 1 1 id 13601 MSUOI CSG UaIyUui OIIRYU UOS tommymcclay anens me Day Sete. 120 likes tommymcclay Let's start a riot #police #riot #color

The caption here is "let's start a riot," and while no doubt it could be a message of support for his love of Riot Games' popular MOBA League of Legends, those wrist guards suggest carpal tunnel forced him away from the game long ago. No, it's more likely that this is a message laying clear his support for violence, and because this guy is an idiot, he didn't realize that supporting violence is the message the police department isn't supposed to say out loud. But this is just one of many.

Sgt. Terri Pinto Napolitano posted a photo of former President Barack Obama hanging from a noose on Facebook and another of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. So far, she has only been suspended for 30 days without pay. Denver Fire Chief JJ Lyons has since resigned after expressing he wanted to see protesters hosed down with a high powered hose:

Wi-Fi 4:54 PM facebook.com Randy Evans 000 Jj Hoffman. I think denver police should have denver fire dept Give It 2 and 1/2 inch line and their monito
NAACP / Lyons Fire Protection District

The Troy University Police Chief was fired after saying George Floyd "ABSOLUTELY" was at fault for his own death. Fulton City Police Officer Hunter Beckwith was fired after posting a meme on Instagram that said Black people only care about Black lives when they are killed by white people. Here are comments from Philadelphia police officers on a video of a liquor store robbery:

Omg. i'm surprise no one got run over 1 Like 5w Should have shot him 1 Like 5w Laszlo Zsazados That driver should have been shot at the spot! Like 5w

A popular meme page for cops called Chicago Code Blue regularly posts hateful and racist messages. Brevard Police lieutenant Bert Gamin posted a request to hire the "Atlanta 6," who were officers fired for excessive use of force:

Brevard County F.O.P. 7 hrs Minneapolis officers... we WILL NOT disband our LE agencies give or in... we are hiring in Florida. Lower taxes, no spinel
Screenshot via Facebook/Brevard F.O.P.

There is a database full of racist, inflammatory, comments made by cops on social media and the truly sickening thing is that so many of them haven't faced consequence. These are the people we entrust with our safety, yet they hate us.

Hector Rodriguez shared Police Officers's photo. June 28. 2013. OREOORR SANK Extreme Twister Police Officers Like Page June 28. 2013 I said. LEFT CHEE

Booker Smith November 7. 2017. Just another savage that needs to be exterminated. FLIE FOX4NEWS.COM Dollar General store clerk killed during robbery

These are all posts from cops. If you saw teachers post such sentiments about their students, you'd call for their immediate termination. Yet with cops, who are expected to "protect and serve," America says, "Hey, you know what that guy needs? An armored tank."

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Top Image: Aurora Police Dept.

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