Godzilla Jr. Comes Out As Trans In A Perfect Short Film

Godzilla Jr. Comes Out As Trans In A Perfect Short Film

A fan-made Godzilla short, where Godzilla Jr. comes out as trans just got the Toho (the production company responsible for creating Godzilla) seal of approval:

It's a heartwarming animation, not only because of added trans representation within pop-culture but because it is a wonderful depiction of how to be a supportive father if and when your child comes out. It starts off with a day at the office for Papa G as he squares off against Baragon for a kaiju beat-down, but then he notices how distraught Godzilla Jr. looks. His priority is his child, so he stops everything. The Zillas go back home, talk over some tea, and hug it out. Never mind that their house must be the size Mount Kilimanjaro or that the teapot must be bigger than a military-grade armored transport. It's a beautiful moment of acceptance, we so rarely see on screen and it's made even all the more impactful when afterward Godzilla goes to the internet, does some research and then, having taken the time to gain a little bit more understanding, presents Godzilla Jr. with a trans flag.

Now, there are those within the Twitter replies who speculated as to if this was canon, and I'd say it probably isn't unless you think Godzilla is also able to get a streaming service 10,000 leagues under the sea that offers Sailor Moon. But I'd also say, who cares if it is or isn't canon? If people want to believe that Godzilla Jr. identifies as female, then that shouldn't impact your enjoyment of watching monsters shoot lasers at other monsters in their seemingly non-genital-having crotches.

Undoubtedly there is someone peeved that this video-short ruins the 100% certified heteronormative masculinity of their giant monster movie. I've got some news for that person. There are questions as to whether Godzilla himself is actually "herself" or possibly even "themself." We've seen Godzilla lay eggs like a mother would and, seemingly without possible partners to reproduce with, it might mean that Godzilla produces asexually. Even Harou Nakajima, the man who originally played Godzilla, was never informed if his character was male or female. But again, that information is trivial. What matters is that this video is cute as hell and serves to show that even a rampaging beast of destruction can take time to better understand their child.

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Top Image: Toho


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