Want To Feel Like An Adult? This Pen Will Do It For You

Want To Feel Like An Adult? This Pen Will Do It For You

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You probably felt pretty fancy when the world shifted to a remote workforce and you got to set up a home office. You got a cool wireless mouse and keyboard and a swanky monitor and all that, and you felt like you were becoming a bona fide working adult. That's good. Chase that feeling. Specifically, chase it with the Forever Pininfarina Cambiano Inkless Pen.

Nothing says "I've made it" like an inkless pen with its own woodblock stand. Not only will you never go looking for a pen again, you'll feel like an actual wizard, conjuring words out of nothing. Forever is a graphic-engraving pen made from an aluminium body and an Ethergraf tip, an exclusive metal alloy that leaves marks that look like pen but don't smudge or fade like a pen. The contact between tip and paper creates oxidation that ensures the Forever mark stays there, well, forever.

A collaboration between Italian design companies NAPKIN(R) and Pininfarina, this pen celebrates historic and modern writing, giving life to your writing in a tech-savvy way while looking like it would be right at home on John Steinbeck's desk.

Feeling swanky already? Good, because you don't have to pay like a swanky person. Normally $129.95, the Forever Pininfarina Cambiano Inkless Pen is 49% off now at just $64.99.

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