It can be easy to feel defeated after seeing all of the protests against police brutality, the escalating violence, the cops treating old dudes with canes like warm-up partners before a night of Monday Night RAW, and no policy changes to show for it. Yes, it's horrific that the President has responded to all of this by hiding in a bunker and calling on the military to use force against his own citizenry, but at this point, it's about what we can expect from Trump. What we didn't expect, or at least, what white dudes like me didn't expect, was that the pleas of protesters would be ignored so thoroughly by elected officials on a local level. The nation is crying out, "HELP US" and leaders of both parties have replied, "Shhh, the curfew is 1 pm. Now go to bed."

In Los Angeles, for example, the "Liberal" Mayor just passed a budget that gives the Police an additional $120 million in funding. This came after the Police Chief partially blamed the death of George Floyd on the protesters saying, "his death is on their hands as much as it is those officers." He later walked back these comments but coupled with rampant violence of the LAPD against protesters, like this video of an LAPD SUV hitting a protester and then driving away, Police Chief Michael Moore's words rang hollow. This is just one instance of many across the country that leaves you feeling powerless, and while we don't know if change will come any time soon, we do have something that can offer a modicum of solace. Specifically, we have videos of angry residents of Los Angeles tearing into the Police Commission during a public forum -- for anyone craving a bit of catharsis during all of this violence, trust us, it is better than porn.

Holy shit. Watching this guy angrily call for Police Chief Michael Moore's resignation and finishing it up with a hearty "Suck my dick and choke on it. I yield my time" feels like a deep tissue massage for the spirit. That the clip then ends with the commission saying "thank you" just makes it even better. It's a total power reversal, and even if it's ultimately just for show, it still feels amazing.

If the last clip was pure distilled anger, then this clip is just utter exasperation. There are many more just like it that follow. Some are sillier than others. Some are just heartbreaking. All are angry. Here are some more that are sure to restore your reserves of Schaedenfraude until at least tomorrow when the next wave of bullshit hits.

Again, there is no guarantee that any actionable change will take place here. In fact, the chances seem slim. But if you've got 8 hours to kill and you're still in need of the soothing balm that is righteous fury against assholes, then here's the full video below.

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