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If you've ever looked at a News notification on your phone about this guy Dow Jones and his robot, NASDAQ, moving up and down and you thought to yourself, "Why do we care whether they're climbing or falling?" then you probably don't know much about the stock market. That's fine, but you'd probably be in a better place in life if you did know a little something about how Wall Street works. Fortunately, you can learn the basics and then some in The Wall Street Survival & Stock Trading Guide Bundle.

This 8-course bundle gives you more than just an introduction to the markets. It'll also teach you how to trade like a pro. Don't worry: It's just like Pokemon cards, except with money instead of unholy monstrosities. The instructor, Travis Rose, has been a full-time day trader and investor for more than five years. That means he makes his entire living on the stock market. He might even work all day in his underwear and flip-flops. Who really knows?

But don't think about that now; think about what he'll teach you. In these courses, you'll get an introduction to reading the markets and trading stocks. From there, you'll learn the secrets of technical analysis -- that is, the ability to read and chart patterns to trade more effectively and maximize your returns. Rose will even give you a crash course in specific skills like Fibonacci patterns and tape reading. Finally, you'll learn how you can make a killing by trading penny stocks while risking less than you would when trading major public companies. Just be wary of any wolves trying to sell them. They are not licensed brokers.

Demystify the stock market and start earning some extra income. The Wall Street Survival & Stock Trading Guide Bundle is just $29.99 today.

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