American life has been pretty unfortunate lately, as unemployment has hit record highs, and good people can't seem to catch a break. So here's a spoonful of sugar to sweeten the steaming cup of shit that is our collective current reality. On Monday night, businessman and minor Instagram celebrity, Jay Mazini gifted four fast-food employees with $10,000 each in cash.

Mazini claims to have a net worth $8 million dollars, so while he certainly can afford to do this, it's not like he's Jeff Bezos -- who could wipe his ass with $40,000 and not be bothered to check his gold plated underwear for skid marks. It's an extremely generous act by Mazini, that definitely relieved the financial burden for the four employees at that Checkers. Although, initially the guy at the checkout window said there were five employees, so either he miscounted or someone is really, really pissed that they took an early lunch break.

Now the cynic in us wants to creep out and ask is this a little bit showy? Why did Mazini feel the need to film this, or the need to ask the employees how much they were making? Did he do this for the 'gram? And to all those questions our non-cynical side comes out and punches the cynic in the dick. Because even if this act of charity was just for those sweet, sweet likes, who cares? Wouldn't you scroll through an Insta feed that still views acts of kindness as a source of pride, rather than one where people lick toilet seats on airplanes to feel cool?

So thanks, Jay. Your act of charity not only helped improve the lives of these four people, and hopefully served to inspire others to do the same -- be if for the clout or otherwise. Unfortunately, we still have to charge you 25 cents for any additional dipping sauces.

Top Images: Tdorante10/Wiki Commons

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