The "social distancing" and events getting cancelled because of the coronavirus situation this year keep escalating. Gatherings of people are now meant to be limited in size, nobody can go to concerts or anything, and now bars and restaurants are limiting their hours and availability. Worse, even if you were gonna go to a bar, drinking alcohol is just another great way to compromise your immune system in a time of a global pandemic. It's all a perfect storm for what could be the lamest St. Patrick's Day ever.

Enter the Dropkick Murphys. Known mostly as one of the two Irish-y bands that Americans can name if you really press them on it, the Dropkick Murphys have always done a big concert on St. Patrick's Day. Hell, last year they brought out the Boston College marching band to do "Shipping Up To Boston" in their big Boston concert.

It's the type of thing that doesn't make a ton of sense if you didn't grow up in an overwhelmingly Irish environment -- for one, who the hell can understand the words to those songs? -- but if you're an Irish Catholic kid from like, Philadelphia or Chicago who dreamed of going to Notre Dame but never had the grades, going to a concert like that would be an out of body experience for you. That spirit is something that never truly leaves your soul, and the idea that some punk-ass virus was gonna ruin your St. Patrick's Day hurts something awful. Boston (among other cities) has cancelled its St. Patrick's Day parade, and the Dropkick Murphys were gonna have to cancel their annual concert in Boston too.

Well, they're not gonna. They've announced they're still gonna perform, and it's just gonna be a free livestream for all, worldwide.

It'll be streaming on Facebook Live, Instagram, and YouTube, just pick your medium, really. Thank God, thank Saint Patrick, thank whoever you need to. In a time of uncertainty and panic like this, it's good to know that there are people still committed to bringing joy and excitement to others right in time for a holiday, even if half the time it's completely unintelligible. Your move, Flogging Molly.

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