Between the planet hurtling toward catastrophe and ... just, gosh, everything else, it's hard to find much to be optimistic about these days. But now we have the story of Perdita the cat: When she first arrived at North Carolina's Mitchell County Animal Rescue, the staff assumed she was suffering from some invisible but painful malady, because whenever anyone touched her, she scratched them. They (carefully) took her to the vet but found out, in the vet's words, "No, this cat is just a jerk."

Like, even more than most cats.

Placing Perdita with a loving family proved to be a problem, as she herself was a hateful piece of crap. Not only did she have excessive personal space requirements, she didn't get along with dogs, other cats, children, or anyone else. Even waiving the adoption fee didn't help; they literally couldn't give her away. They decided to write a Facebook post that "highlighted in a humorous way," hoping that someone, anyone, would take this asshole off their (heavily bandaged) hands.

It was a shot in the dark, but not only did it work, it worked way too well. After the post went viral, the shelter was flooded with applications from people downright begging to adopt this asshole. This week, just eight days after she received her title, Perdita went home with a Tennessee couple who was perfect for her... in that they were willing to be walked all over, giving the cat her own bedroom and changing her name "just in case is the cause of her anger." It just goes to show that no matter how broken or high-maintenance you are, there's someone out there willing to meet your needs as long as you're furry and cute. Just stop shaving, don your most fabulous cape, and come get your love.

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