6 Glitches That Make Serious Games Totally Hilarious

6 Glitches That Make Serious Games Totally Hilarious

Your favorite AAA video games are made by a bunch of overworked developers who probably haven't seen their beds in a month, so glitches are to be expected. And hell, if your game is gonna glitch out, it might as well do so in a gloriously over-the-top way. Here are six glitches that turn famous games into unintentional slapstick masterpieces.

The Witcher 3's Wacky Super-Horse

The horse from the Witcher series is named Roach, which is appropriate, considering how buggy she is. She's basically the wacky horse from Disney's Tangled, only living in a world of gruesome violence and wild sex. Roach is so resourceful that she can walk on two legs, defying the laws of man and nature.

CD Projekt via BurialWarlock
You can also make her talk like Will Arnett and develop life-ruining depression.

Sometimes she switches it up and runs on her front legs, all while balancing a grumpy albino on her back.

CD Projekt via PandaTheory
What an attention horse.

And this is probably not easy for a horse, but Roach can sometimes be found doing yoga.

CD Projekt via Laffygas
If this exact scene isn't in the upcoming show, we're burning down Netflix HQ.

Roach is such a notorious weirdo that even the developers made fun of her. For April Fool's 2016, they released a video in which they claimed that all the glitchiness was intentional, because otherwise the riding would be "too good." To be fair, when she's not being completely, impossibly wacky, Roach is the fastest horse around. Why, she can even approach Flash-like speeds, as seen here:

CD Projekt via The Therapist Gamer
Such beauty. Such elegance.

Naughty Dog's (Accidental) Eldritch Abominations

The Last Of Us features a virus that turns people into totally-not-zombie mindless monsters, but its effects are even more serious than we suspected. Behold Joel's mutant power:

Sony Computer Entertainment via A+Start
"... ladies."

Don't worry, there's a perfectly logical explanation. As detailed by the glitch masters at A+Start, this happens when Joel stands on top of a truck in a tunnel and his body clips out of bounds. After you exit the tunnel, Joel will start floating every now and again, and every time he tries to access the item menu, he'll look like someone who's been exposed to nuclear fallout.

Naughty Dog via A+Start
You can't leave the Twilight Zone without taking part of it with you.

Joel is not the only one to get in on the Thing-style action. If players decide to go back to the beginning in the college section, there's a chance Ellie will start doing some rather odd stretching:

Sony Computer Entertainment via A+Start
Above: Ellie's redesign after Elliot Page complained about the similarities.

This virus is so potent that it has even infected characters in other games by the same developer. In Uncharted 4, if you jump to a specific ledge and then force movement into the left, Nathan Drake will suddenly assume a rather awkward, somewhat bat-like posture.

Sony Computer Entertainment via A+Start
"It's a boy!"

But there's an upside. If you pull a rope in a certain way while pressing L1, Nathan's body will reshape itself to assume more Nicki-Minaj-esque proportions.

Sony Computer Entertainment via A+Start
Plastic surgeons, take note.

Red Dead Redemption 2's Spontaneously Combusting Horses

Watching a horse drop dead and catch fire out of nowhere sounds like a terrifying experience in real life. Why, then, is it so funny to see the exact same thing happen in everyone's favorite cowboy simulator?

Shortly after Red Dead Redemption 2 was released, players came across a patch of land which caused any horse that walked over it to collapse and burst into flames. Considering that RDR2 is made by the same people that gave us the GTA franchise, that totally seems like something those sadists would intentionally include in a game.

Westworld should fire all of its horse technicians ASAP.

A user on Reddit discovered that a cart explosion happens in that same spot at the end of a mission, so it looks like the horses are accidentally triggering that effect. Also, NPCs are as susceptible to this glitch as real players. This means that if you stand there, you can watch dead horses accumulate in an old-timey traffic pile-up.

Old West BBQs were hardcore.

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The Rolling Trolls Of Skyrim

Skyrim's frost trolls are 'roided-up giants with the face and charm of a tarantula. Technically their biggest weakness is fire, but players discovered they have an even more devastating Achilles heel: gravity. Or what passes for gravity in this game.

Bethesda Softworks via cebauman
That's not a fly, it's a fearsome mythical creature.

Usually the game's paralysis spells and paralysis arrows have two uses: letting you freeze enemies for a little while and get a few extra hits in, or letting you run away like a pansy. But since the frost troll has chosen to live at the top of a steep mountain in a world of poorly thought-out gravity, a well-placed paralysis attack can send him rolling downhill.

Except even less dignified.

And sometimes, your arrow will even paralyze the laws of physics themselves, sending the troll flying through the mountains like Peter Pan having an MDMA-triggered aneurysm. Look at him go!

Bethesda Softworks via cody and charles
*Cue Superman theme played by kazoos*

Though strong, frost trolls do take fall damage, so let's just say players don't have to worry about them coming back after this. They'd be too embarrassed to show their hideous faces again anyway.

Hitman's Consequence-Free Murder

Hitman's Agent 47 will never be as much as a badass as he was in Blood Money, the fourth game in the series, in which he could kill people 1) without lifting a finger, and 2) so fast that they didn't notice they were dead and kept talking.

That's the result of a glitch that allows the player to plant bombs before a conversation, and then set them off in the middle of the cutscene. It can be used to kill anyone who appears during a cinematic, from important characters to minor ones to unfortunate passersby.

Eidos Interactive via WFpoopz
Eidos Interactive via WFpoopz
This means you are legally the new Santa.

The best part is that if the characters die during a conversation -- something that's just not supposed to happen -- the game will rule it as natural causes and won't send any goons after you. (Please do not exploit this loophole in real life, or society is doomed.) This does make things a little too easy, though. Fortunately, the more recent games have made the act of killing much more challenging and rewarding for the player.

Far Cry 5: Nudist Edition

Far Cry 5 offers a wide variety of outfits you can buy for your character, from military clothes to post-apocalyptic clothes to regular clothes to ... uh, no clothes.

Ubisoft via killa kali
Carrying those big "CENSORED" boxes around looks rather cumbersome.

Unlike most games, FC5 has actual butt-naked models for the characters, though you're not supposed to be able to play as (or with) them. But if you mess around on the outfit selection screen for a while, sooner or later the game will stop sanctioning your buffoonery and refuse to load an outfit ... which is by itself an outfit. And since this game has online multiplayer, the result is a shockingly realistic depiction of cult life in Montana, complete with the part where some naked maniac parachutes groin-first onto your face. (Ken-Doll-type nudity in the video below, click at your own risk.)

Despite enhancing the game's naturalistic feel, this raises some awkward questions. For one thing, it's nice that the female characters are allowed to have nipples, but why are all the men dickless?

OUTFIT A CENSORED even though there's nothing to see here B
Ubisoft via j0nathan
Or so poorly endowed that they might as well be dickless.

Is every single man in this cult a eunuch? That's gotta hurt enrollment.

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