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The headline "Kanye West wants to build low-income housing units" is nice and heartwarming, but there's something off about it. It's missing the wacky and eccentric second part, because Kanye's life seems to be dedicated to ensuring that news about him pairs some rudimentary action with an unforeseen gonzo twist. Like how his recent Coachella set was a sermon modeled after the black church experience (which sold Christ-themed sweatpants for hundreds of dollars, exactly as Jesus intended).

The crazy second half to "Kanye West wants to build low-income housing units" is "they're modeled after Luke Skywalker's childhood home on Tatooine."

Kanye West Wants The Poor To Live In Luke Skywalker's Igloo
If nothing else, it'll be a great place to hide the children of galactic terrors.

In the middle of a Forbes article about Kanye's expanding business empire are a few paragraphs about how he's is trying to line up investors to help him make prefab alien sand igloos to be built into the ground somewhere in California, possibly to house homeless people, or, failing that, to make a sick Star Wars fan film. There aren't any pictures of the prototypes the writer got to see, but he describes them as "like the skeletons of wooden spaceships."

If you want to get an idea where he's probably going with this, take a look at Kanye's remodeled $60 million mansion, filled with sparse neutral-toned architecture that looks like the Mos Eisley Cantina after it was gentrified.

Kanye West Wants The Poor To Live In Luke Skywalker's Igloo
Kanye West/Twitter
A cozy place to drink blue milk and silently ponder your headless mannequin in the foyer.

Who knows if this project will ever be completed, or if he'll find investors who believe in his dream (and don't want to instead make a private city for the super-rich inspired by the architecture of Naboo). But the idea seems nice at its core, despite the overt Kanyeness of it all.

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