Hideo Kojima makes nonsense for a living, but fun nonsense, like the Metal Gear Solid series. The same can be said of everything we've seen of his upcoming PS4 game Death Stranding, including the new, nearly nine-minute trailer.

Surely nine minutes is enough time to shed some light on how exactly all the cryptic sci-fi/supernatural militaristic nonsense we've seen so far comes together, right? Well, within the first ten seconds, a baby in a womb gives a thumbs up to the camera, and then we enter its mouth. We emerge, presumably out its butt, so actor Mads Mikkelsen can sing it a song. Not a strong start, if coherence is what we're after.

Next, in voiceover, a woman who doesn't seem to give a damn about subtlety states that the game is about reuniting a fractured America. How timely. Now that we know what the game is about, let's see what evidence the next eight minutes provides to back it up. Oh, and the lady is the president of the United States.

Here's The WTF 9-Minute Trailer For 'Death Stranding' On PS4
Kojima Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment
We know this because she's on her deathbed in the Oval Office.

One of the tools the hero -- who is Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead -- will use to unite America is a, uh, tall telescopic ladder.

Here's The WTF 9-Minute Trailer For 'Death Stranding' On PS4
Kojima Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment
It's a little on the nose, but Kojima did make Snake Eater, so who are we to judge?

It's a Kojima game, so of course there's a militant extremist group involved. I am absolutely not kidding when I tell you that the group is called the "Homo Demens." In Latin it means "mad men," but if it wasn't already the derogatory slang term for queer people that an 8chan Christ Warrior plastered all over Pepe memes, then it is now, and you're going to see thousands of them under Trump's Twitter replies from now on. Anyway, Norman then plugs a tube into his baby canister so he can scan for mud ghosts.

Here's The WTF 9-Minute Trailer For 'Death Stranding' On PS4
Kojima Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment
This experiment went off the rails real quick.

Characters keep mentioning something called BTs. No one ever explains what a BT is and how it/they relate to bringing together a fractured America. In the absence of a definition, I'm left to assume "BT" stands for one of the following three things, and only these three things: "bowel termites," "beef trains," or "bank trustees." All three make sense, given what we know about the plot, which is nothing.

The trailer ends with Mads promising one of the canister babies that he'll "show you the real thing soon." He's talking about the world and America or whatever, but given the abstract lunacy we've just witnessed, it seems like Kojima is using Mads as a proxy to tell us that all of this will make sense once we actually play the game. (Spoiler alert: It will not.)

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