Want To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes? Play Them Some Skrillex

As the weather is heating up again, a lot of people are bracing for that bittersweet moment when the sunshine gets blotted out by clouds of pesky mosquitoes. But now, science has found a great way to make sure that during swimsuit season, you get to keep your skin free of bites and your ears full of blood. All you have to do is blast out some Skrillex.

Alex Wild/Flickr "Listen to Skrillex or get drained by ravenous bloodsuckers" has to be the worst "would you rather" ever.

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As we've mentioned before, music can be just as life-changing to flora and fauna as to a guy in a ponytail listening to Metallica for the first time. And it turns out some music is so powerful that it can even be used as a weapon. Especially the kind that already sounds like a machine gun made out of trombones.

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In a recent study, researchers brought together two groups of very horny and hungry female mosquitoes and put them in cages with a very lucky male mosquito and a very unlucky restrained hamster. One group was then allowed to do their thing in absolute silence, while the other was blasted in the face with dubstep -- specifically, Skrillex's Grammy-winning "Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites" on a loop. Which we think is specifically mentioned as a no-no in the Geneva Convention.

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While the silent sisters immediately got into a feeding and fornicating frenzy, the bangin' mosquitoes were so "entertained with the music" that it took them several minutes before they could focus enough to find their prey. And even then, they had lost their appetite for hamster, biting it far less frequently. But the far bigger discovery came when the Skrillex mosquitoes showed great unwillingness and inability to get it on, with the dubstepped bloodsuckers having sex "far less often" than their control group counterparts.

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Why is Skrillex such a mood killer? (Nobody has ever wondered this before?) Dubstep is notorious for its chaotic frequency and beat shifts, but mosquitoes can only successfully mate when they harmonize the frequency of their wing beats, And it's just too hard for them to get into the groove when having to listen to what sounds like a sinkhole opening up under a Berlin warehouse rave.

But the revelation that dubstep can ruin sex for more than just nervous teens can have serious and great consequences, as reducing mosquitoes' desire to feed and bone could greatly curb plagues like Zika and dengue fever. Additionally, the study's authors feel that open air dubstep is much more "environmentally friendly" than insecticides, proving those nerds have never been to an outdoor EDM festival.

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Of course, that doesn't mean that humanity's survival has to specifically depend on playing Skrillex on a loop. Future scientists could just create their own specialized mosquito-repelling sound by rapidly modulating frequencies, adding a disruptive beat, and debuting it at Tomorrowland.

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