CRACKED's Weekly Humor Round-up Jubilee

Hello, people. We've been getting a lot of reader emails suggesting that we publish a round-up of each week's articles. And while we hate, hate, hate, to take advice from anyone, you guys have been pretty persistent. Here's one such email randomly pulled from the e-pile:

Dear CRACKED editors,
I'm a very busy man with many daily meetings and conference calls with rich investors. During the workweek, I don't have a spare minute to read the top-shelf humor on your online web site. I do however possess a small window of free time on the weekend.

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Is there any way you can publish an easily click throughable, weekly recap? Call it "A CRACKED Week in Review" or "This Week in CRACKED" or "Saturday Grabbag Humor Jubilee." Doesn't matter what the title is, just give me the past week's funny all on one page. If you don't, I swear I'll buy your Internet site and turn it into a Boz Scaggs fansite. How would'ya like that?

A Most Likely Fictional Businessman

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As much as we'd love to edit a Boz Scaggs fansite for a living, we figured it's in our best interest to give this dude what he wants. So here it is, the "CRACKED's Weekly Humor Round-up Jubilee," or whatever.

The 10 Most Awesome Movies Hollywood Ever Killed
Hollywood is a slaughterhouse where cool movie ideas go to die. Here are ten films that were tragically cut down before their time, simply because they were just too friggin' awesome.

The 6 Most Over-Hyped Threats to America (And What Should Scare You Instead)
The six most unwarranted sources of fear the Man uses to keep you dumb and Himself in power.

Pop Culture's Top 5 Fictional Mayors
Real-life politicians leave lots to be desired, which is why we'd love to elect one of these mayors from the annals of pop culture. If only mothers would let a giant Cheeseburger kiss their babies...

The 5 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Movie Sex Acts
Though movie sex scenes are usually great, they're occasionally bad-good, meaning hilarious by accident. Here are the top five.

The 7 Most Awkward Law & Order Celebrity Cameos
Every actor has to appear on Law and Order at least once, no matter how awkward their performance will seem years in the future.

The Applicant, by Olde English
Making the transition from unemployed person to person with a marginally fulfilling job takes a lot of hard work, and sometimes, a well-edited movie trailer resume.

Done and done. Check back for a new article tomorrow. And call your parents, for Chrissakes. They're worried sick.
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