E! to Count Down 101 Sexiest Celebrity Vaginas

Hollywood — Which female celebrity has the hottest sexual organs? E! will reveal the answer in its latest star ranking special, set to air on Sunday, July 29: "101 Sexiest Celebrity Vaginas."

"We have already told America which stars have the hottest bodies, feet, and clavicles," stated E! president Ted Harbert. "Now, due to popular demand, we're starting our first series of celebrity rankings that go, as our new network slogan says, 'behind the underwear.'"

Other specials that will air this fall as part of E!' "behind the underwear" theme include "101 Sexiest Celebrity Vas Deferens," "The Girls Next Door: that Time of the Month" and "E! True Hollywood Story: J. Lo' Ass."

Amongst the experts E! recruited to judge celebrities' vaginas were "America' Next Top Model" stylist Jai Rodriguez, actor Charlie Sheen, and "E! News Daily" host Ryan Seacrest.

"Sexual appeal is an important element in judging a vagina, but it' only one of many important qualities including shape, texture, aroma, and durability," noted Harbert. "By selecting this diverse group of judges, we made sure that sex wouldn't become a predominant factor."

Because recent photos of the vagina of only one star on the list, Pamela Anderson, were available, judges relied primarily on reputation, secondary sources, and in the case of Sheen, personal experience.

Though the network would not reveal the full celebrity vagina ranking beforehand, E! did admit that the 101st hottest celebrity vagina belongs to Candace Bergen.

"You always want to start your list off with an oldie, but a goodie," noted Harbert.

No other rankings on the list were available, but sources at E! confirmed that other celebrity vaginas ranked in the top 20 include Anderson, Angelina Jolie, Anne Heche, Venus and Serena Williams, and, in a surprise selection, director Penny Marshall.
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